Buy the original soundtrack of BEFORE YOU KNOW IT composed by acclaimed musician Jimmy LaValle


Jimmy“The director PJ Raval and I had a conversation as the film was being edited about creating an original score inspired by each of the three characters in the film. I watched a rough cut, and instead of composing to picture, I created a collection of ambient sound beds for each character based on their story arcs in the film. In order to turn the soundtrack into a record, I re-envisioned the music of the film into more complete songs. I expanded upon some of melodies and ambient beds that appeared during interstitial moments in the film, some only 30 seconds, and developed them into more complete tracks. The characters’ lives and stories in “Before You Know It” are so compelling, inspiring, and deeply personal that composing music to accompany their journey in this film was effortless.

I’ve scored film soundtracks before, and my music as The Album Leaf has appeared in film and television, but this is the first time I’m releasing music under my name, Jimmy LaValle.”

– Jimmy LaValle

Be sure to also check out Jimmy’s musical solo project The Album Leaf

“…leaves you wowed – and unexpectedly hopeful.”

The American Prospect

“A crucial new addition to the LGBT doc canon”


“Exemplary …a documentary that successfully puts human faces on wider issues”

Slant Magazine

“…a heartbreaking, uplifting and life-affirming collage… This is a beautiful, humane movie.”

“One of the most compelling, heartbreaking, funny, essential films of the year. This film is a must-see.”

Michael Stipe

“…a critically important contribution to increasing understanding of the lives of LGBT older people.”

Michael Adams, Executive Director of SAGE

“An important, entertaining, and original documentary…”

Harry M. Benshoff – Professor of Gender & Sexuality Studies – University of North Texas

“…doubles as something more universal: a means of cutting through isolation and societal expectation, and finding a stronger self on the other side.”

Village Voice

“Engrossing…Provides sufficient contrasts, surprises, epiphanies and warm moments to keep it rolling engagingly along.”


“…an intensely beautiful, moving, elegantly thoughtful and profound film. A tremendous work.”

Margaret Cho

“…gave me hope for the future by focusing on the beauty, humor, and courage of our LGBT elders.”

Mx Justin Vivian Bond

“I delighted in the movie and very much care for the three subjects. It is wonderful.”

Rae Dawn Chong

“…confronts the taboo subject of aging with refreshing candor and great insight.”

Austin Chronicle

“…a sharply emotional film that captures a woefully under-seen, endlessly watchable population.”

The Stranger

“This is a remarkable film”

Austin American-Statesman

“Devastating and important… heartwarming, frightening, challenging, endearing….”

Harvey Fierstein

“This powerful documentary frankly acknowledges the inevitability of growing old while encouraging viewers to do the same.”

The Advocate